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Table 1 CLASSES x Experiments/Clusters Comprehensive overview of the GSEA-Pro analysis. All Classes and Experiments/Clusters are combined in one Table.
Table 2 Heatmap of CLASS x Experiment/Cluster Bar-graphs and detailed Tables of all Class - Experiment/Cluster combinations
Table 3 Overview of Genes and CLASSES per Experiment/Cluster Data sets of Locus-tags (TopHits) and their cognate ClassIDs and ClassID description of all Class-Experiment/Cluster combinations
Table 4 Genes (TopHits) per Experiment/Cluster The gene list of each experiment used for the statistical analysis
Figure 1 COG Bar Plot Grouped bar plot of all significant COG categories
Figure 2 TreeMap Interactive Treemap of results of the GSEA-Pro analysis
GSEA-Pro Analysis ReportNumber of Experiments: 4
Threshold values: -2 and 2
Number of locus tags in A_F71Y-WT = 44
Number of locus tags in B_R61K-WT = 78
Number of locus tags in C_R61H-WT = 124
Number of locus tags in Null-WT = 173
Locus-tags in genome = 4421
Input table size = 351