Genome2D webserver for Analysis and Visualization of Bacterial Genomes and Transcriptomes

Welcome to the Genome2D webserver (version 2.0, July 2018). For research at our Molecular Genetics department (MolGen) I developed loads of tools for genomics and transcriptomics analysis of prokaryotes. To make some popular tools available for the biologists I developed the web interface Genome2D. Genome2D gives access to all publically available fully (no WGS) sequenced bacterial genomes of RefSeq and Genbank. In addition, all genomes are re-annotated to build a database of functional classes (COG, GO, KEGG, operons, keywords, Interpro, PFAM, etc.) which are used in transcriptome data analysis (RNA-Seq and DNA microarray). Some data set transformations, such as reformatting DNA and Protein files, aligning tables, getting multiple DNA fragments, retrieving annotations of gene lists etc. are supported

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Molecular Genetics, Linnaeusborg 7, University of Groningen