Add Downstream Gene

Add downstream genes to Promoters / Motifs positions
For all genomes available at this web-server a promoter prediction is already performed and available via 'Genome2d Core (RefSeq)'

STEP 1: Select Genome
     Selected Genome = Bacillus_subtilis_subsp_subtilis_str_168/ASM904v1_genomic     

Select genome from the RefSeq database [typically named ASMxxxx]

Optionally select genome with 'old' locus-tags from the old Genbank database [typically named NC_xxxx]
Genome2D support conversion between old-locus-tags and RefSeq locus-tags here

STEP 2: Optional Change the Column numbers
Column name Column Number
Motif ID/Name
Motif Position
Motif Strand
Maximum 5'UTR region [size of TSS to Gene Start]

STEP 3: Upload Tab Delimited Table
Upload Table:
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