GSEA Results

MAIN TABLE Classes x Experiments/Clusters Comprehensive overview of the GSEA-Pro analysis. All Classes and Experiments/Clusters are combined in one Table.
BAR GRAPHS Heatmap of Class x Experiment/ClusterBar-graphs and detailed Tables of all Class - Experiment/Cluster combinations
LOCUS_TAGS ANNOTATION Overview per Experiment/ClusterData sets of Locus-tags (TopHits) and their cognate ClassIDs and ClassID description of all Class-Experiment/Cluster combinations
LOCUS_TAGS PER EXPERIMENT (TopHits per Experiment/Cluster)The gene list of each experiment used for the statistical analysis
BENCHMARK (GSEA-Pro Benchmark of Threshold values)Graphics for detecting cutoff values, only if auto detect cutoff values was selected
COG BAR PLOT Grouped bar plot of all significant COG categories
TREEMAPInteractive Treemap of results of the GSEA-Pro analysis