MA table conversions

DNA microarray data table conversions

[1] Split Agilent_8x15k.gpr or ArrayPro.txt multiple entry files to 8 individual files of 1x15. NOTE: The multi array ArrayPro file: First column should be 'Block' (numbered 1 to 8)
[2] Merge multiple gene probes to one value: After the Limma pipeline, genes with a mulpti probe design will be listed in the result file as separate values
This routine will combine multiple gene probes to one entry and estimate the new ratio and p-value by taking the average ln(ratio) and the e^(average ln(p-values))
Default column headers are: ID (gene_name or locus-tag), Name (probe name), logFC (log2 fold ratio), AveExpr (expression) adj.P.Val (the p-value)

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