Trimmed Median Table

Convert a table by taking the Trimmed Median (or Mean) of the numbers having the same Row Name
The Row Name should be in the first column of the input table. Multiple columns are allowed, but only numeric columns will be processed.

Outliers will be removed using the following method: Q1 - 1.5* IQR and Q3 + 1.5*IQR
Q1 and Q3 are the first and third quartile, respectively
IQR = Q3-Q1
After removing the outliers (trimming) the Median or Mean is calculated

Outlier detection is explained here

Input table

Select the method to use:

Trimmed Median
Trimmed Mean

Optionally the resulted table can be normalized:

Normalize table (Scaling data using Lineair Trimmed Median Mean (TMM))